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1ST  Sat every month meat club pickups

8 am Colo Springs Sprouts on Northgate 

9am Monument parknride

10 Briccys Coffee Castle Rock

11-12:30pm Parker Shoppes

1pm Littleton Target Univ & C470

3rd Sat schedule   starts in March

​​​​Farm2Table Meats,  from the farm to your table


We are a year-round source for organically and compassionately raised local meats. 

SAVE money when buying by the case. 

CALL today for current bulk pricing. 303-351-3758

  Our Grass finished  Standards

  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • No Steroids
  • No pesticides
  • No preservatives
  • No additives or MSG
  • All animals are raised and slaughtered compassionately​


Easy online ordering and convenient pickup  at one of our pickup locations along the Front Range. Colo SpringsChoose from Parker, Castle Rock, Denver or one of our other meetup locations.



or become A Farm2Table 


Our  meat club orders take priority over other orders and the choices are exclusive to meat club members.

​​​​​​​​​​OUR STORY     For nearly eighty years, grocery stores have controlled how people purchase the bulk of their food. When this began, meats were not shipped halfway around the world,  GMOs did not exist, nor did animal growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. Today, it’s nearly impossible to find out what has gone into the meat you purchase from your neighborhood grocer—whether the animals were treated humanely and, most importantly, whether your health could be adversely impacted by eating it. 

We have been raising pastured bison, Beef, pork since 1999.  We do it the old fashioned way, the way your grandparents raised livestock, born and raised their entire lives on the farm.  We do not ship our animals to a feed lot for a "fast finish".  All of our grass-fed meats are free of growth hormones and antibiotics. 
 for us farm to table is not just a marketing slogan, it describes our food system.  All of our meats are processed in USDA inspected processing plants.  

By ordering online, you can meet us at one of our drop off locations or pickup your order  while visiting our farm, seeing our bison and learning about local agriculture.  Agricultural education and recreation is what we are all about.   By joining our meat club, you harnesses the power and value of online direct to consumer purchasing, which benefits both us and you by cutting out both the middleman and the retailer.  A win-win

How much do you know about the meats you buy now?

Their brand names and well-crafted logos are designed so you will make a purchase decision at a glance but they reveal little about the product itself.

We are a  NEW & FRESH   alternative  to buying the mystery meat sold in stores.  Our customers order online and pick up their product at one of our pick-up locations in Colorado.     

We also have home delivery and shipping options for certain zip codes.  Give us a try and by doing so you will be directly supporting your local farmer.

       Thanks for supporting Colorado Agriculture..... .  

Neil Fischer, bison rancher 

​​​​​If you think healthy food is expensive, have you priced cancer lately?

Joel Salatin