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Bulk meats  1/4, 1/2, whole hog, beef, yak, bison and lamb

Local raw honey 

Dried and fresh fruit in season  

Brats and smoked specialty sausages

Pantry items: jams, granola, syrups, and more

Organic potatoes, onions, mushrooms and produce

All of our crops and produce are grown organically and are non GMO.  More and more people are learning that most corn, but did you know that now potatoes and others crops are now genetically modified. . Our farms in the trading post only use heritage seeds and do not grow any gmo crops.

Grass & grain fed : beef, pastured pork, duck, turkey, pheasant & chicken 

Organic grains and beans

Farm2tableMeats.com  Fresh and local beef, bison, elk, pastured pork, chicken

& lamb.  Buy direct from our farms and ranches and SAVE.  We sell in Bulk too!

Want to save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill.  We have the solution, buy in bulk from Farm2Table Meats.  

You save BIG when you buy a whole or half hog, beef, bison, yak, or lamb.  Available year-around within 2-4 weeks of ordering.


All of our grass finished meats are free of antibiotics, hormones and steroids. We have beef, bison, yak and elk that is 100% grass fed.

 For 100 percent pastured chemical free meat, that is humanely raised and slaughtered, you can trust  Farm2Table Meats.


We also have beef, pastured pork and chicken that was grass fed and given grain free choice, These animals were raised on grass and finished with grains to create the perfect marbled steak or burger. You will be the grill master with these steaks.



Organic flours and mixes

We have some amazing smoked brats and sausages. All nitrate free, no antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Smoked elk jalapeno, wild boar with apricots, pheasant and chicken, smoked buffalo brats, green chili and chive and many more. click on the shop now button to buy.

100% grass-fed : beef, bison, elk, yak, goat, and lamb