Fresh & local Beef  Bison  Elk  Pastured Pork and chicken  Buy direct from our Colorado farms and ranches

The stars represent the first farms to join our producers alliance in 2014. We now have 4 dozen AMAZING Colorado Producers in our network. Every purchase you make through Farm2Table Meats directly supports dozens of Colorado family farms and ranches.  ​THANK YOU for every time you buy direct from us.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Meet our farmers and ranchers in Farm2Table 

Jones Organics Farm  Hooper Colorado

Organic specialty potatoes and produce

Jones Farms Organics is a 4th generation family owned  organic potato

farm located in the beautiful San Luis Valley of Colorado.  We are passionate

about our nutrient dense soil and potatoes and we pride ourselves on the

sustainability of our farming practices.  From our family to yours since 1925  

​​Buffalo Peak Ranch  Pine Colorado

100% grass-fed bison and beef

In 1999 we started raising bison and then several years later

we bought our first cows to raise both grass-fed bison and beef with

no hormones, pesticides, or  antibiotics.   We believe in compassionate

care of all our animals and use sustainable agricultural management

practices. The ranch is at the foot of Buffalo Peak and surrounded

my miles of national forest.  ​Neil and Teresa Fischer

Haugens Sheep Ranch   Center Colorado   Pastured Lamb

Our lamb is organically raised, forage fed, and processed without

the use of any chemicals. We would like to share the bounty of our

family-run ranch with you and  hope that you enjoy our products as

much as we do..Jess, Sherry and Shane Haugen

Sedalia Mesa Ranch Sedalia Colorado

Grass fed Beef


Colorado Pastured Pork  Hotchkiss Colorado 

Make no mistake, the best bacon comes from a sweet pasture: 
Fescue, rye, wheat grass, clovers, alfalfa, dandelion, chicory... ...

this is a hog's heaven of greens and goodies. In addition they get turnips,

radishes and grain that they harvest fresh themselves. Plus a NON-GMO custom

grain ration and other supplemental treats like organic apples. A perfect pasture

naturally sustains its fertility. It's a cycle we appreciate and enhance by moving

the pigs every two weeks to fresh ground.

Fiber Of Life Mushroom Farm  Kiowa Colorado

Oyster mushrooms


.​​Adobe Milling  Delores Colorado

Pinto, black, anasazi, bolita beans and soup mixes

Adobe Milling back in 1983 because we live in the heart

of the “Pinto Bean Capital of the World.”  in Western Colorado.

It is a beautiful agricultural plateau: once the home to thousands

of Anasazi Indians who lived here for centuries.

We began with just beans, and over the years added other

tasty Southwestern delights 

C and R farms  Palisade Colorado

peaches, pears and apples

C & R Farms is a family owned and operated business nestled

below the Grand Mesa. We are blessed to be near the quiet town

of Palisade on the Western Slope of Colorado. Our unique location

allows us to grow some of the best tasting fruit in the industry!
C & R Farms is 2nd generation owned and has been providing premium

tree ripened fruit for the past 30 years!

City Farm  Montrose Colorado

Organic pastured eggs

City Farm eggs are AA grade coming from Free Range, Pasture

Raised Hens. We also use a Certified non-GMO feed mix to

incorporate a high nutrient diet.  You will be able to enjoy fresh eggs

with a slightly orange colored yolk that will practically stand up in the pan.

Riesener Yak Farm   Briggsdale Colorado

Strohauer Farms La Salle Coloado

Zimmerman Pork  Hotchkiss Colorado

All natural berkshire hogs 

Pinon Pantry  Pueblo Colorado

Artisan jams with cane sugar

Rome's Sausage Company   Littleton Colo

nitrate free sausages and brats

Scenic Meadows Ranch  Saguache Colorado  Beef

Sangres Best  Westcliffe Colorado

grass fed beef 

We treat our cattle right, raising them the way they were

meant to live — free to graze our range at the base of the

Sangre de Cristo mountains. The result is our premium

 grass-finished beef that will delight your sense of taste.

Beeutiful Things  Peyton Colorado

local raw honey

Sweet Pea Farm   Salida Colorado

PfZ Farms Haxton Colorado

​Rocky Mountain Fresh   Longmont Colorado

Organic herloom tomatoes

Synder Ranch  Gunnison Colorado

Grass fed beef and lamb

Haas Hog Farm   Alamosa Colorado  

Natural pork

Continental Sausage  Denver Colorado  

sausages & brats, no nitrates

Ela Family Farm  Hotchkiss Colorado

Organically grown fruits and jams

Steve started converting the farm to certified organic production in 1994.

Starting with peaches, pears, cherries, and then apples, the farm is now

100% farmed with organic methods. 

Crooked Clove Farm   Larkspur Colorado

Organic garlic 

Crooked Clove was started by David Smit and his wife, Rochel. They have

two young boys, Elliott and Gabriel. They focus on one of  their favorite crops,

garlic. Colorado’s climate is perfect for garlic. The high altitude, dry sunny

weather and cold winters produce some spectacular garlic. 

Kilt Farm    Michael Moss   Niwot Colorado

Organic produce

As soon as I was old enough to be more of a help than a hindrance

I was out in the gardens with my Father and brothers. I had my hands

dirty pulling weeds, hauling manure and helping in any way I could.

It was wonderful being surrounded by the natural beauty of Florida,

my childhood home.  Now many years later I have worked with big and

small farms across Colorado in order to ensure that local food is available


Colorado Mushroom Farm   Alamosa Colorado

Several varieties of mushrooms