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Fresh Pastured Pork and chicken, processed weekly


Here are some comments from our buyers

The beef ribs I got from this past Sun were totally wonderful! Love the meat on the bone. Let me know when you get more!   Chris Yang  2017

Met Neil today. He  clearly has a passion for bringing local food back to the people. We love the mission. Also did our first side by side taste test comparing their pastured pork to conventional store bought pork. While there was slightly more flavor in the pasture pork, the bigger difference we noticed was in the texture of the meat. The conventional pork was tough and dry by comparisoneven though I grilled them side by side to an internal temperature of 150F. Needless to say, "we're sold."  Anthony Hardman  April 2016

Awesome philosophy on food. Hope they are around for a long time!   Erin Myers   September 2016 

Great natural meat products and they are local Who are very helpful with any questions!

Chris Baker  2017

​There are several reasons why I love your concept of bringing your farm fresh meats to the consumer.  I had been a vegetarian for 25 years when I switched jobs 10 years ago. My new job required that I deal with hundreds of people a day and before long, my immune system went to hell. I was surrounded by germs and I was sick on and off for the first 2 years. Then I got really sick one winter and was on the verge of pneumonia. That scared me and I started to try every vegetable remedy I could find. I juiced vegetables, tried probiotics and ate as healthy as I could. For a while, I was fine. The next year, however, I began to get the flu once a month. I would no sooner get over one bug and I would begin to get sick again, with headaches, inflamed sinuses, the works. This continued right through the summer. I began to realise that I was going to have to put up with this forever, because it wasn't going away and I cannot take antibiotics.     I read lots of health books and I came upon one about the Paleo philosophy. I thought it was a very good book, but it still did not convince me I needed to eat meat. I was still a devoted vegetarian. Then I read "Primal Body, Primal Mind" by Nora Geogaudas and that switched on a light bulb. I understood I needed grass fed meat because my body required it  as it has for humans the last 200,000 years. Not grain-fed, hormone laced beef, but  meat from animals raised as our ancestors raised them. It made perfect sense. Pastured raised eggs and chicken, grass fed beef? Easy to find, right? Wrong. That search has been touch and go for the last 3 years until my partner and I found Farm2table.                                          The results so far have been great for the grass fed and pastured raised items I was able to purchase and consume. I only had one bout of flu 2 years ago and last year I did not get sick once. So I went from getting sick every month to no illness. Best of all, I am helping the farmers who are raising their animals in the right way, not in some god-awful factory farm. It is a win-win situation and I will continue to support it.   Dianne Scialla July 2017

Farm2Table Values 

We are committed to the highest standards of quality, safety, freshness, and sustainability.
◆We bypass the retail market to directly connect our producers with the people who understand the importance of local family farmers and the need for a strong local food economy.
◆We strive to offer comparatively lower prices and higher values to our customers. This isn’t easy, but it is our commitment.
​◆Our grass-fed meats are from compassionately-raised animals who have never been exposed to hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals. 

We know that fresh healthy food is a matter of integrity and trusted relationships