Farm2table Meats is now
Old West Buffalo Company

Our approach to raising and selling meat is unique. We’re a family owned all natural meat producer and we deliver right to your doorstep with 1 and 2 day shipping.  We sell grass-fed beef, bison, (pork and elk during the fall).

My wife and I are bison ranchers. We sell our own grass-fed and finished  bison meat and we believe in transparency and good stewardship of animals and land.  We call it “food through relationships.” 

This helps because you know where your meat comes from and how it was produced. And you help a family owned ranch stay afloat.

We hope you’ll give our meats a try! We’re convinced you won’t want to go back to store-bought meats once you’ve experienced the difference in quality and taste, not to mention the health aspect.

Happy trails ~ Neil & Teresa Fischer|Owners 303-520-8490

Ranch Events

None at this time

Save on Bulk Orders

We understand healthy meats can take a bite out of your budget. If you have freezer space, you can save money by buying in bulk.

We Don't Keep Secrets From You

Unlike the feedlot meats you buy at the store, all of our meats are of the highest quality. We don’t try to sneak anything past you because we have nothing to hide.

 No antibiotics
No hormones
No steroids
No pesticides
No preservatives
No additives or MSG
All animals are raised and slaughtered compassionately.

Most grass-fed meats sold in retail stores are imported from other countries. In 2015, Congress lifted the requirement to label meats with the country of origin due to a conflict with the World Trade Organization. When you buy from a grocery store you probably assume you’re buying meats that come from animals that were raised and processed in the U.S. but that’s not the case – and now there’s no way to be certain without buying from a local farm or ranch.

Why buy from us?

We care about you and your health. We’re committed to the highest standards of quality, safety, freshness, and sustainability.

We bypass the retail market to directly connect our producers with the consumers who understand the importance of local family farms and the need for a strong local food economy. We strive to offer comparatively lower prices and higher values to our customers. This isn’t easy, but it is our commitment.

Our grass-fed meats come from compassionately-raised animals that were raised on farms or ranches (not in feedlots) and have never been fed or injected with hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals.

Do you want to know how and where your meat was raised?
All of our meats come from animals that were never given antibiotics or hormones. 

In 2015, Congress eliminated the law requiring meat packers to label all meat with a country of origin label. Now there’s no way to know the source of meat sold in stores. 

When you buy from Farm2Table Meats, you don’t need to rely on a label or even good luck because you know who your farmer or rancher is. Here, fresh, healthy food is a matter of integrity and trusted relationships.

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